Our Paging Options

Custom Greeting

Personalize your greeting so callers know they've reached the right number.

Numeric Retrieval

When you're out of range or your pager is turned off, your pages are stored for later retrieval.

Voice Mail

Callers have the option of either entering their phone number or speaking a message, your pager will be notified immediately. Stores ten 20-second messages for 24 hours. Includes custom greeting. (Instructions)

Mobilcom Customer Care*

Mobilcom guarantees your satifaction. If you experience any mechanical malfunction, just bring your pager to your local Mobilcom Wireless Solutions Center and you'll get a replacement pager immediately. We can also ship replacements overnight. Belt clips and battery covers included.


Available on local and Extended Western PA coverage. Requires alphanumeric pager. (Includes 100 pages a month)

*Mobilcom Customer Care does not cover loss, theft, destruction, neglect, abuse, water or cosmetic damage.

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