Wireless Networking

With wireless networking, you can link video and data from hard to reach locations and remote sites back to your local network quickly and at low cost.

  • No License Needed
    Wireless links work in the unlicensed U-NII spectrum so there is no need for spectrum licensing.
  • No Complex Equipment
    The equipment is streamlined and easy to install.
  • No Major Investment
    The start-up cost of a wireless platform is very affordable and represents a significant investment at low cost.
  • No Complex Infrastructure
    Your wireless system can be up and running in a day! No need to run overhead or in-ground cable and there is no
    software to install.

A wireless system uses Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint technology that can reach distances ranging from two to ten miles in a Multi-Point configuration, to as many as 35 miles in a Point-to-Point configuration. The basic building blocks of a wireless system are:

  • Access Point (AP) easily interfaces with your existing Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Subscriber Module (SM) the Internet access receiver, is small and easy to install - there's no obtrusive equipment.
  • Backhaul Unit (BH) provides Internet "feed" from a remote location.


The Access Point and Subscriber Modules are compact and designed to be mounted outdoors, so there is no need to run overhead and in-ground wire or microwave. And, there's no additional software for you to install, further limiting exposure to error.

A wireless solution also delivers outstanding performance using a modulation scheme that improves the quality of data delivery and mitigates interference from other systems. Wireless platforms offer security with over-the-air encryption that scrambles data bits and helps prevent interception, so data delivery with wireless systems is very secure and reliable.

  • Point-to Point configuration up to 10-35 miles at 1 Gbps
  • Point-to-Multipoint configuration up to 2-10 miles at 300 Mbps

At time of order product will be configured to user specification.

Mobilcom has the technology and knowledgeable personnel to help any company or institution expand their wireless networking capabilities!